Palmyra Atoll Yesterday and Today

The 2010 Expedition has arrived in the Northern Line Islands. First stop: Palmyra Atoll. Today Palmyra Atoll looks like the sort of place where one would expect to find a genuinely pristine coral reef. As part of the Northern Line Islands, it is located in a particularly remote region of the central Pacific. Along with Kingman Reef, Palmyra and its … Read More

Microbial Countdown

No matter how early you start planning for an expedition like this, the pace gets hectic as departure approaches. Here’s a story of those weeks and months recounted by a member of the Microbe Team who has arrived at Palmyra. by Katie Barott, member of the Microbe Team Preparing for a cruise like this is an enormous undertaking. Viewed from … Read More

Why Did We Spend Our Past Year Preparing for This Trip?

Today the researchers are converging on Palmyra Atoll by land and by sea, the culmination of a year’s planning and work. Excitement runs high, fueled by a touch of anxiety as minds race to remember what has been forgotten, misplaced, left behind. Time to pause and think about why all this effort.   by Stuart Sandin, head researcher on the … Read More

CHI – The Three Dimensions of Reef Ecology

by Stuart Sandin, head researcher on the Fish Team For many of us on this expedition, our first trip to the Northern Line Islands had come in 2005. Our goal during that cruise was to establish what is a ‘pristine’ coral reef. Seeking reefs that could tell us this, we turned to the most remote islands that we could find, … Read More

A Gathering of Researchers

Sixteen scientists from three continents and one island are gathering in the Northern Line Islands with one purpose in mind—to increase our understanding of coral reef health and decline. Coral reefs are not only extraordinary in their beauty, but also mind-boggling in their complexity. When the corals die and a reef declines, many possible killers come to mind: overfishing, disease-causing … Read More

Northern Line Islands Expedition – The Adventure Begins October 24th!

Few people have ever seen a healthy coral reef, not even most reef researchers themselves. Almost all the world’s coral reefs are now degraded to a greater or lesser extent, the result of our encroaching activities. To find a pristine reef, you must travel to the most remote parts of the oceans, to places such as the Line Islands in the central Pacific. In just … Read More