Stuart Sandin Featured on NYT “Scientist at Work” Blog

Stuart Sandin, head researcher of the Fish Team and veteran of previous research expeditions, is sharing reports from the current Line Islands expedition with the followers of the Scientist at Work blog at the New York Times. That blog, described as “the modern version of a field journal, a place for reports on the daily progress of scientific expeditions — adventures, misadventures, discoveries,” is an ideal venue for Stuart’s observations from the Line Islands and his reflections on how humans might use and enjoy coral reefs, yet keep them healthy and productive. As he noted in his first post there: …in order to manage coral reefs in the presence of people, we have to understand how coral reefs work in the absence of people. The Line Islands give us a rare opportunity to do so.

More reports from him will be published on the Scientist at Work blog during these remaining days of the expedition. Between all the hours spent each day as reef researcher, team leader, and writing for two blogs, Stuart is truly a scientist hard at work.